Box 1824 secures a strategic partnership with The Future Laboratory and establishes itself as one of the most influential trend consultancies in Latin America - BOX1824
Box 1824 secures a strategic partnership with The Future Laboratory and establishes itself as one of the most influential trend consultancies in Latin America

What if two of the premier strategic and futures consultancy firms joined forces to help you decode global and business transformations? Box 1824 and The Future Laboratory have recently formed a strategic partnership for the exchange of intelligence and commercial representation to help navigate this world and anticipate the changes of tomorrow. 

A strategic consultancy that has spent 17 years mapping and studying scenarios to identify movements, behaviors and initiatives, Box 1824 transforms visions of the future into business opportunities. Globally active, it caters to companies in several industries, including Spotify, Netflix, Nubank, Samsung, Disney, Uber, Itaú, FIAT, Nike, Nestlé, C&A and InBev.

The Future Laboratory is one of the world’s leading futures consultancies, seamlessly combining trend forecasting, consumer perception, brand strategy and innovation. It has offices in London and Melbourne, working with over a thousand companies in fifty nations and relying on some 70 specialists.

The partnership between the two firms has resulted in a new business unit for Box 1824, the Futures Unit, geared towards studying future scenarios to anticipate product, service and business solutions and focused on a horizon of over three years.

“Mapping this distant future reveals the rise of trends that are likely to steer the market and which are still far from massification. Understanding these trends allows the companies to remain ahead of the curve and use the best moment to help design the innovations set to become disruptive”, says Paula Englert, CEO of Box 1824.

Box 1824 is now part of the LS:N Global team of editors, providing expert insight into the Latin American context for one of the largest platforms dedicated to content on trends, behaviors and strategic scenarios and produced by The Future Laboratory. Additionally, it will also be reselling LS:N Global subscriptions, events and other partner scale products, with the possibility of linking a tailored consultancy service that guarantees monitoring and applicability of content in the business of our Latin American clients, assessing how these trends are expressed through a local lens.

On the other hand, The Future Laboratory will disseminate Latin American insights among European, Asian and Pacific audiences, which are increasingly interested in connecting with innovative trends in retail, tourism, hospitality, food and beverages, beauty and technology from Latin America.

“We also believe that the macro-trends are progressively global, though the way they are expressed in each place is different. Over our 17 years, we have worked on more than a thousand projects in over ten countries. We have the capacity to focus this local lens anywhere around the world, though particularly so in Latin America – expertise we will be sharing with The Future Laboratory”, stated Englert.

Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory adds that “on an increasing scale, our work as strategic consultants is shifting from simply reporting on trends to actually helping our clients to convert them into innovations and viable opportunities for the future. Collectively and collaboratively, Box 1824 will help them do exactly that.”


One of the world’s largest repositories of trends

LS:N Global is a subscription-based service that offers research, analyses, market intelligence and qualitative insights sourced over the past 20 years to help industry professionals to make informed decisions about the future.

Subscribers gain exclusive access to consumer trends that will define the cultural landscape of tomorrow. The platform is updated daily by specialists from 50 countries, adding over 100 novel items of content each month for download, webinars, spreadsheets, ethnographic research studies and much more. With the arrival of Box 1824, new articles on the Latin American context will be published monthly.

Over 6,000 members of industry have already subscribed to LS:N Global, including Google, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Sony, Dell, Wunderman Thompson and M&C Saatchi Group, among others. Why not join us and explore the resources and benefits that have consistently helped companies to remain at the vanguard of their sectors?

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